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Huntley Pack 267 New Parent Guide

A little bit about us… we welcome any kindergarten through 5th grade boys to join. Boys can join at any time during the year. We also welcome and encourage parents to help out in any way they can. We are a volunteer-run organization and DEPEND on everyone to lend a helping hand to run a great program for our kids. We do all kinds of fun activities, like family camping, Pinewood Derby, community service projects, games and a lot more. We have some really great activities planned for the upcoming year!

Since 1930, the Boy Scouts of America has helped boys of cub scout age. Parents, leaders, and organizations work together to achieve the 10 purposes of Cub Scouting:

  1. Character Development
  2. Spiritual Growth
  3. Good Citizenship
  4. Sportsmanship & Fitness
  5. Family Understanding
  6. Respectful Relationships
  7. Personal Achievement
  8. Friendly Service
  9. Fun & Adventure
  10. Preparation for Boy Scouts

Why Join Cub Scouting?

  • Your time is valuable. More than ever, today's families struggle to find time to spend together. Cub Scouting helps to support your family by providing ready-made opportunities for you and your son to do things together.
  • Your son needs to belong to a group of boys his own age. Through this sense of belonging, he builds his self-esteem and learns to get along with others. As a parent, you want to be assured that the groups that your boy joins will teach values consistent with good citizenship, character development, and physical fitness. The Boy Scouts of America has been weaving these lifetime values into fun and educational activities since 1910.
  • In a society where your son is taught that winning is everything, Cub Scouting teaches him to “do his best” and be helpful to others.
  • Scouting teaches family values and works to strengthen your relationship with your son. Scouting activities can bring added value to the time you already have with your son.

But we know that boys do not join Cub Scouting just to get their character built. Boys join because it is fun!

How Does Cub Scouting Work?

One unique thing about Cub Scouting is that you, as his family, join in on the program with your son, and you will help him along the way. The family is the basis of Cub Scouting. It exists to support your family and help enrich your family time together. Boys have a different handbook at each grade level, with suggested activities that are age-appropriate for their developmental level. As your boy advances through these books by working on activities with you, he will earn badges and other recognition that he can wear on his uniform. Your son's success in Cub Scouting depends on you!

The Cub Scouting program has an organizational structure that takes place at two levels. Your son will be a part of a den ; a small group of boys in the same grade level who meet at least 2 times per month. The recommended size of each den is from 6 to 8 scouts. All dens, from grades kindergarten through 5th, make up a pack . Once a month, the dens, with their families, are together at the pack meeting, where boys show off the new skills they have learned during the month and are recognized for the badges they have earned. Each pack is part of a district. Districts combine to make a council. We are Pack 267 in the Sycamore District of the Blackhawk Area Council.

As a boy begins the Boy Scout Trail, he joins other boys his own age. He can start the scouting program from 5 (starting Kindergarten) to 17 years old. The Cub Scout portion of the program is designed for elementary age boys.

Kindergarten - Lions

1st Grade – Tiger Cubs

2nd Grade – Wolf Scouts

3rd Grade – Bear Scouts

4th & 5th Grade – Webelos

The Bobcat rank is the first rank earned by Cub Scouts, no matter which grade they begin scouting.   After earning the Bobcat rank, he then begins earning the rank of his grade.

What Are the Values of Cub Scouts?

The Cub Scouts have 12 Core Values:

  1. Citizenship: Contributing service and showing responsibility to local, state, and national communities.
  2. Compassion: Being kind and considerate, and showing concern for the well-being of others.
  3. Cooperation: Being helpful and working together with others toward a common goal.
  4. Courage: Being brave and doing what is right regardless of our fears, the difficulties, or the consequences.
  5. Faith: Having inner strength and confidence based on our trust in God.
  6. Health and Fitness: Being personally committed to keeping our minds and bodies clean and fit.
  7. Honesty: Telling the truth and being worthy of trust.
  8. Perseverance: Sticking with something and not giving up, even if it is difficult.
  9. Positive Attitude: Being cheerful and setting our minds to look for and find the best in all situations.
  10. Resourcefulness: Using human and other resources to their fullest.
  11. Respect: Showing regard for the worth of something or someone.
  12. Responsibility: Fulfilling our duty to God, country, other people, and ourselves.

How Can Parents Help?

The most important help that you, as a parent, can give your boy is to work with him on his Cub Scouting activities. His handbook is full of age-appropriate activities that you will enjoy doing together at home. When he completes an activity or project, it is your responsibility to sign his book to verify that he has done his best. And then it is all-important for you to attend the monthly pack meeting with him, so that you can celebrate his achievement. Your role as a parent is the secret to the success of the Cub Scouting program!

The den and the pack also rely on parent participation to run a successful program. Cub Scouting operates through volunteer leadership. Consider volunteering as a member of the pack leadership team or as a parent helper. Volunteer leaders are an example of Scouting’s principle of service to others. By volunteering in Scouting, you are also giving your son the gift of your time. What could be more valuable? You will have an opportunity to be a positive influence in the lives of him and his friends. Here are some of the ways you could volunteer:

  • Den Leader - Leads the den at weekly den and monthly pack meetings.
  • Cubmaster - Helps plan and carry out the pack program with the help of the pack committee. Emcees the monthly pack meeting.
  • Committee Chair - Helps recruit adult leaders.
  • Advancement Chair - Maintains advancement records for the pack. Orders and obtains all badges and insignia.
  • Secretary/Treasurer - Keeps all records for the pack, including pack bank account, financial records, etc.
  • Pack Trainer - Coordinates Fast Start training for adults. Promotes leader training and roundtable meeting attendance.

Boy Scouts of America offers convenient training for everyone—parents, leaders, and youth members. As a parent new to the pack, you can learn all about Cub Scouting and the wonderful year-round adventure your son is about to experience. Log onto, click the “Parent” tab, then “Training,” and you will discover all of the courses available. Create a “My Scouting” account and get started.

How Much Does Scouting Cost?

  • Registration Fees for Pack 267 are quite reasonable for a 12 month program!
  • Registration Fees are based on when the scout joins and registers for with the pack and Cub Scout program
  • Please contact Jessica Sadler, Membership Chair for details
  • A large portion of this money is sent directly to the BSA, another portion covers a subscription to Boys' Life magazine, and the last bit of it stays within the pack to help defray the costs of the various activities throughout the year.
  • Please make checks payable to "Pack 267".
  • All forms (Application(s), health forms and payment) need to be returned to the Membership Chair (Jessica Sadler).

Where Do I Purchase a Scout Uniform?

Our Uniform Information page tells you where to locally purchase a Cub Scout uniform, required elements of the official uniform, and all you need to get started.

When is the Next Pack Meeting?

Please contact our Membership Chairperson, we invite you to attend the next meeting!

Still Have Questions? We've Got Answers!

Tommy Sadler - Cubmaster